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The New Madrid fault zone is capable of producing massive 9+ magnitude earthquakes, and when it does have a big eruption, it has not just one, but a series of 9+ quakes, somewhere between 3-7 of them. It looks like it is likely that it is about to happen again.14 warning signs are already here:First, understand that the New Madrid is actually a subduction zone, as there is another plate boundary under there, which explains the salt dome formations in the Gulf. Also understand that the fault actually runs up from the Gulf of Mexico all the way into the Great Lakes region, making it the most dangerous and most powerful fault zone on the planet. And also that there are two large volcanoes in Arkansas, which have enormous magma chambers. This is causing a lot of pressure on the plates. This is known by the powers that be, but they keep it a secret from the public.

1. The Gulf oil disaster. The oil and gas have escaped and the sea water has flooded in and don’t believe any “official” story that claims otherwise. The involvement of Illuminati controlled companies like BP, Transocean, and Halliburton in this is also an obvious red flag. The ocean floor is destabilized. The water is flooding into the New Madrid and the Caribbean plate is under great pressure. Puerto Rico’s recent earthquake activity is already showing the early warning signs that the earthquake is near.

2. The salt dome that is under the Gulf and helps to keep the land mass above water in the Gulf region (Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida) has been compromised due to the BP oil drilling. They drilled into the salt dome at a depth of 30,000 to 37,000 feet, right where the New Madrid fault intersects it. Again, don’t be fooled by any “official” statements to the contrary of what they did. This was done in order to purposely sink the land mass and cause massive flooding.

3. The massive HAARP induced storms that have been hitting in the mid of the US, causing massive flooding and damage. This is being intentionally done in order to flood the New Madrid fault line. If you flood the fault you will get an earthquake.

4. The intense and high amount of fracking that has been going on recently in Arkansas near the New Madrid zone. This is being done in order to build up pressures in the magma chamber and to help to induce a New Madrid earthquake sequence. It is forcing the pressures to become uneven at one side of the plate.

5. The strange mass bird and fish die offs that happened recently in Arkansas and in other areas near the New Madrid zone. This is likely caused by the release of deadly gasses and by the use of HAARP (messing up the magnetic field) in the area. These are side effects of processes happening that are designed to help induce a New Madrid earthquake.

6. The blowing of the levees in Missouri, very close to where one of the previous big New Madrid quakes happened 200 years ago. This is being done at a known weak point of the fault line and is also being done under water. It is also being done at a time when the area is being flooded by HAARP induced rain storms.

The result of this will be a flooded fault line, which is the most sure fire and fool proof way to generate a man made earthquake.

7. The National Level Exercise (NLE) that is being conducted in the area by FEMA in order to “simulate the catastrophic nature of a major earthquake in the central United States region of the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ). The year 2011 is the bicentennial anniversary of the 1811 New Madrid earthquake [refers to the first New Madrid quake in the series of huge quakes that happened in 1811-12], for which the NMSZ is named.”

FEMA has ordered millions of underwater body bags, plastic coffins, and MLE meals in order to prepare for this “simulation”.

The same FEMA group was in New Zealand to “simulate” a disaster event right before the Christchurch earthquake happened. The same FEMA group was in the ocean area off Japan where the big quake happened right before it happened…………..

And of course let us not forget that 9/11/01 happened during an “exercise drill”. Some of the members of this FEMA group include members of the 10 governors selected by Obama that are to take over control of the United States if martial law is declared, and are given the power to do so under the executive order that Bush signed right before he left office. Meaning that they have been planning for the martial law police state for a long time and the “events” in New York, New Zealand, and Japan were just practice drills for the real event.

8. The timing. 11:11 strange occurrences are the hall mark of the powers that be. The Japanese earthquake fittingly occurred on 3-11-11. So May 11th, 5-11-11, is another perfect harmonious synchronization for the games of the elites. And of course the good old May the 13th. Friday the 13th. A day that is incredibly important to the Illuminati Swiss bankers. And the number 13 is also an extremely important Masonic number.

9. The very strange recent activity of the Obama administration, the mass media, and the large Illuminati ritual events that have been happening lately. These are designed to encode the upcoming false flag, let the other initiates know it is coming, and also to pay a Satanic homage to it.

The whole birth certificate charade with Donald Trump in the media… Then Obama releasing an obviously fake birth certificate. The royal wedding on the same day that Hitler was married on 66 years earlier. Obama announcing that Bin Laden was “dead”, 66 years to the day after it was announced that Hitler was “dead”.

66 is an extremely important Masonic number. And of course, the synchronicity and occult symbolism of those events is more than obvious. This is clearly a smoke and mirrors distraction for something very big that the powers that be are planning – most likely a mega scale false flag attack. It is also playing up the satanic homages and also encoding the attack for all the initiated illuminates in the world.

10. The tremendous amount of HAARP activity in the New Madrid area in recent months, which is escalating. Combine this with the fact that the HAARP site has been taken off line when “events” happen and there is the obvious warning sign. The HAARP website was off line and HAARP was firing during recent quakes in Chile, New Zealand, and Japan. HAARP seems to be incredibly interested in the New Madrid area, as it dedicates most of its time to that area of the planet.

11. The X-37B space plane just happens to be scheduled to be active over the New Madrid zone between May 9th to May 12th (at least during the “official” flights, so there are are probably more dates involved). This same US military space plane just happened to be over Japan right before the big quake hit there, as well as before numerous other “natural” disasters. It somehow magically keeps flying right over places being hit by big “natural” disasters right as they happen.

12. The Masonic numbers game as it relates to this. The BP oil rig disaster caused 11 deaths. 11 is an incredibly important Masonic number. These 11 deaths were a satanic sacrifice and homage to the beginning of the false flag kill event. It was stage one of the event, and thus was symbolically significant satanically. The 11 deaths are to let all illuminated initiates in the world know that the “event” had begun.

13. The mass subconscious hypnotic conditioning and brain washing of the sheeple as it relates to this. Hollywood has gone out of its way to subconsciously condition the sheeple that this will happen. All part of the game to keep them docile, so that they will accept the “official” version of the events when the mass media reports them.

The Simpsons, the film Knowing, and other Hollywood productions have clearly encoded that an event such as this is going to happen at some point. Whenever Hollywood does this, it is confirmation from the controllers that the “event” will indeed take place. This is the same as all of the Hollywood films that coded the 9/11 attacks in them before it happened.

14. The “future maps” of the United States Navy, which is now according to some insiders, operating under the procedural protocol that the United States will be permanently split into two separate parts, with the Mississippi River being between 35-400 miles wide (depending on which maps – probably due to different estimates of the projected flooding), from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. The U.S. Navy, according to some of these insiders, has reportedly already been preparing for this since around the time of the BP oil rig disaster.

If that happened, it would be the fulfillment of the prophecies of Edgar Cayce, Gordon Michael Scallion, and other such seers that have foreseen the United States permanently split into two pieces, due to a cataclysmic earthquake that causes a massive flood from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. Many confirmed psychics have had similar such visions.

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