Every year in the United States, more people die of the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs than die in car accidents and thousands suffer the agony of chemo which does not work in the majority of cases. Clearly this is not good medicine.This page explains why doctors cannot prescribe the good cancer medicines, the alternatives. If you have read an article about CAM complementary alternative medicine you have most likely been mislead by a doctor, most of whom have been taught to ridicule alternative medicine back in med school, and who is heavely invested in conventional medicine.Articles on CAM never seen to mention the effective alternative cancer treatments such as the ones listed in the Comparison table on the Home page. How could a supposed authority on medicine not find the alternative cancer treatments listed on this the number one according to Google alternative cancer treatment web site? Could the answer be that they are aware of the informal studies that have shown that real alternative treatments are three time more successful, but they do not want to promote such strong competition?After reading this page, consider reading how conventional treatment selection is right for groups but wrong for an individual. Go to Understanding Treatment Selection.Which looks like good medicine?Thoughtful gifts for cancer patients: hypnosis CDs, and humor the best medicine.Despite the yearly claims of great new cancer drugs, the percentage of Americans who die each year from cancer has remained pretty much the same since 1970. This is not progress.

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