How soil looses their minerals from the book “The Survival of Civilization”:Virtually all of the subsoil and most of the topsoil of the world have been stripped of all but a small quantity of elements. So it is not surprising that the chemical-grown corn had substantially less mineral content than the 1963 corn described in the USDA Handbook of the Nutritional Contents of Food. The mineralized corn was substantially higher in mineral content than the 1963 corn. Hence, as the elements have been used up in the soil, a poor food supply in 1963 has turned into a 100 percent junk food supply in 1978. There has been a corresponding increase in disease and medical costs. Essentially, disease means that enzyme systems are malfunctioning for lack of the elements required to make the enzymes. Hunza is a small country in a high Himalayan mountain valley. The health and strength and longevity of the Hunzacuts is legendary. The key factor is that they irrigate the valleys soils with a milky-colored stream from the melt water of the Ultar glacier. The color comes from the mixed rock ground beneath the glacier. The people are virtually never sick. They do not develop cancer. Many are active workers at 90; some live to be 120. These facts are well documented, yet the worlds health professionals ignore them while continuing the hopeless search for man-made cures. Ten thousand years ago the Mississippi Valley was fed and built up by runoff from the glaciers. The deep deposit of organically-enriched alluvial soil in Illinois attests to a long period of luxuriant plant growth. Yet, when the settlers plowed the valley, they did not find topsoil that would give the health record of the Hunzacuts. Ten thousand years of leaching by a 30-inch annual rainfall is the difference. Man can stay on this Earth only if the glacial periods come every 100,000 years to replenish the mineral supply or man gets bright enough to grind the rock himself. There are several other places in the world similar to Hunza, such as the Caucasus Mountains in Russia where 10 percent of the people are centenarians. There are glaciers in the mountains. Regardless of where it is that people attain excellent health and maximum life, it can be traced to a continual supply of fresh-ground mixed rocks flowing to the soil where their crops are grown. Thus the secret of good health and long life lies not in the fountain of youth or in a chemical companys laboratory, but in the acceleration of the natural biological processes.

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